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The Suzhou is a national point tour city,the cultural object protection unit has 489 totally now,among them national 15,the province class 85,the amount only next to Peking and Xian.Ancient city in the Suzhou is located in water net,street according to river and then set up,the land-and-water proceeds together;The building faces water but builds,ex- lane empress river,the special appearance of the formation"small bridge,flowing water,somebody else".Gather the building,landscape,flowers and trees,carvings,calligraphy and painting is equal to integral whole of Suzhou park is the mankind are civilized of the soul treasure strange,government park with stay a park to be included in four name parks in China,and together net teacher park,wreath show country villa and cang wave station,lion wood,skill,park,back to think park's 9 classic parks,distinguish is taught a section text the organization by United Nations to be included in in 97 December,yearses and November,2000 《inheritance in the world record 》,ancient town together inside,week Chuang,keeping be declaring to be included in cultural inheritance in the world.